What your brand can learn from Trainspotting

As the familiar groove of Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life creeps into the mix, the train departs and a band of misfits appear: after twenty years, Spud, Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie, last seen in Danny Boyle’s cult transformation of… Read more

brand sound

Why Mariah Carey could be your best (or worst) friend in the countdown to Christmas

Tomorrow marks the final week before Christmas and the busiest weekend of the retail calendar. The unrelenting onslaught of carols sends most shoppers mad, yet studies show the right Christmas retail music can make shoppers spend more. It’s simple, if… Read more

Hospitality Music Marketing

Pizza Hut deliver the beats

Usually when a fast food franchise “borrows” one of their competitors gimmicks, the results are less than inspiring (such as the MC Hammer branded toothpaste one American outlet tried to pass off as a happy meal). However, in the most recent technology-focused battle… Read more


Prince’s online legacy remembered

Prince’s relationship with streaming technologies is well documented, with the legendary (and much missed) artist’s repertoire still largely absent from all the major platforms, and live performances uploaded from fans usually gone as quickly they’re uploaded. This is, after-all, the man who claimed that… Read more

radiohead spotify

Radiohead force Spotify re-think

Not many artists could command a change in policy from Spotify- even our beloved Tay-Tay has struggled in her war against the streaming giant- however the company has recently revealed they were in talks with Radiohead over their latest album… Read more


Get funky with your fries

In 1991, America’s White Castle burger chain enlisted Hip Hop megastar MC Hammer- or rather, his fully licensed cartoon caricature Hammerman- to join the battle against poor oral health by replacing the omnipresent plastic happy meal toy with a range… Read more

Bill Gates turntables

Gates in your face

Even with EDM culture driving DJ salaries into the stratosphere– allowing otherwise tasteless celebrity selectors such as Paris Hilton to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from pressing play- it comes as some surprise that Microsoft Founder (and world’s richest man)… Read more


Adele says ‘Hello’ to most-viewed video

After a musical hiatus, Adele’s lead single Hello galloped out of the gates with a massive start. Following typically-ravishing reviews and record breaking music video views, Adele’s latest powerhouse anthem bumped off Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood record of 22.1 million views in a day with an incredible 27.7… Read more

music marketing strategies

A teaspoon of Taylor

Like pairing a great drop of white with seafood, Oxford University’s experimental psychologist, Professor Charles Spence has found that laying ears on a certain genre of music can make particular foods taste better. His culinary pairings include some Taylor Swift… Read more

Who sells only one album wu tang

Who sells only one album..?

Limp Bizkit? Maybe if they’re lucky. But the answer (this time) is surprisingly, hip hop Royalty the Wu-Tang Clan. Designed as a piece of art and not a consumable music product, the long-island legends intentionally made just one copy of… Read more

snoop dog app

Snoop wins celebrity endorsement game

Boasting is an essential part of hip-hop. And with the launch of Leafs By Snoop, Calvin Braudus Jr aka Snoop Dogg has won the ultimate bragging rights by becoming the first rapper with his own line of personally banded marijuana products.… Read more


Is it too late to say sorry?

In what is possibly the most hilarious (and justified) case of unified workforce action, Walmart employees once gathered in solidarity to demand the removal of Justin Bieber and Celine Dion from their in-store music playlists. As reported in New York Daily News, the… Read more

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