Musical Mind Control

Musical Mind Control

Big brother is play-listing you. Uncovering the psychological manipulation behind deciding to play the Four Tops or the Four Seasons in a commercial space is something that’s been studied since the 1960s. Our most vivid memories are emotionally tied to… Read more


Attention shoppers!

Nostalgia and music for many are impossible to untangle, but even so, we’re still scratching our heads at this one. Once upon a time, K Mart’s background music was provided on pre-recorded cassette tapes (remember those?) that were mailed out… Read more

Steve Albini Billboard

“Still don’t care”

Legendary grinch Steve Albini has provided an interesting – if unintentional- promotional vehicle for UK Techno mainstay Powell, who “experimented” with the producer’s voice on his latest single. When asked for permission to release the song, which sampled a live… Read more


Is this the real life..?

Yes, it is. In celebration of the 40 year anniversary of the million selling single “Bohemian Rhapsody”, stadium rock gods Queen have announced the launch of their own brand of beer- the “golden hoppy” Queen Bohemian Lager. Brewed by RnR… Read more

Grammy winner Neil busking

Grammy winner makes an incredible £12.30 busking

Nile Rodgers has recently hit the streets of London with his guitar and amp to croon to commuters. Disguised in a beanie and scarf, the famous funkster stayed under the recognition radar until he busted out his hits ‘Le Freak’… Read more

Sex Pistols

Your future dream is a shopping scheme

Nothing is more punk than leveraging your musical legacy built on anti-establishment anthems, and siding with a financial institution to cripple the independence of the underprivileged… is it? In what is surely the death knell for punk rock, Time magazine has reported that… Read more

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