Napster Returns

  AAAaaaannnd… she’s back! For those of us alive during the dawn of the digital music era, it would seem like Napster has had more lives than horror villain Jason Voorhees. And in what is sure to give nightmares to Metallica… Read more

Wu-Tang go Broadway

Wu-Tang go Broadway

At POSmusic we usually stay away from music of the Broadway variety… unless it revolves around the Staten Island’s finest teaming up with everywhere man Bill Murray. As reported in FACT Magazine, the saga of “Once Upon a time in… Read more

SoundCloud FT

A slice of Four Tet’s anger

UK Dance legend Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) has lashed out against Soundcloud to his 165,000 twitter followers, amusingly referring to the service as “a total slice of shit right now”. Echoing the sentiments previously expressed by Australian producer Chet Faker–… Read more

YouTube war

The great YouTube war is here

In a balanced take on the online streaming debate, The Gaurdian’s Eamonn Forde latest blog discusses Red Hot Chili Peppers manager Peter Mensch’s recent comments slamming YouTube for (what else?) not paying musicians fairly. Thankfully avoiding the slanderous rhetoric going… Read more

Secret 7” vinyl

The best of both worlds

In the ultimate collaboration between old and new, Sonos and vinyl-based charity Secret 7” have teamed up to re-animate a vintage jukebox that can stream 7”s throughout your home.   Secret 7” take 7 tracks from 7 artists, and presses… Read more

Kanye West

Kanye’s tweets come back to bite

In what could be a first, pop culture celebrity, husband of Kim Kardashian, fashion designer (and occasional musician) Kanye West may have exaggerated the truth; and together with streaming service Tidal, Kanye is now facing a class action lawsuit over a… Read more

Spotify Adele best seller

Spotify re-ranks the best-sellers

The new world of music streaming is revealing some interesting truths about best-selling albums. Re-imagined for the digital age, our friends at Spotify have mined their data to bring us the all-time most popular albums as well as their own… Read more

streaming Adele

Streaming reigns supreme

Digital downloads have dulled, while streaming has struck a chord with a revenue win. Spotify and YouTube are unsurprisingly the subscription services with the largest listenership, with the split showing streaming at 34.5% of revenue compared to digital downloads at 34%. However, in… Read more

Music Psychology

Mental Music

Music Psychology is a complex subject. Brandishing both sides of the brain, Josh McDermott moved from DJ to neuroscientist with interesting insight. Studying the impact of music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McDermott and his collaborators tested 165 common sounds.… Read more

Herbert music food

Herbert’s tasty(?) new release

Electronic provocateur Matthew Herbert is no stranger to combining food and music: aside from creating some of the most delicious house records ever made, Herbert has previously released an album made entirely of the culinary sounds (2005’s Plat Du Jour),… Read more


A new kind of buzz

In what some are describing as “the weirdest drone record of the year”, Spiritualized leader Jason Pierce has recorded an album alongside… bees. Pierce- one of “the last great outsiders“– may have long moved on from the heady days of Spacemen… Read more

Catalogue Albums

Everything old is new again

2015 will go down as the first year in U.S. history that new release albums were outsold by catalogue albums released more than 18 months ago. Nielsen’s annual music report showed catalogue albums came out on top by a jaw-dropping… Read more

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