Napster Returns

  AAAaaaannnd… she’s back! For those of us alive during the dawn of the digital music era, it would seem like Napster has had more lives than horror villain Jason Voorhees. And in what is sure to give nightmares to Metallica… Read more

SoundCloud FT

A slice of Four Tet’s anger

UK Dance legend Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) has lashed out against Soundcloud to his 165,000 twitter followers, amusingly referring to the service as “a total slice of shit right now”. Echoing the sentiments previously expressed by Australian producer Chet Faker–… Read more

Tidal Jay-Z

Stretching subscriber truth turns on Tidal

After a year in the box seat of Tidal (and rumours of a potential sale), Jay Z is heading into battle against the former owners of the streaming service, accusing them of using overstated subscriber numbers to boost the sale… Read more


Get funky with your fries

In 1991, America’s White Castle burger chain enlisted Hip Hop megastar MC Hammer- or rather, his fully licensed cartoon caricature Hammerman- to join the battle against poor oral health by replacing the omnipresent plastic happy meal toy with a range… Read more

Secret 7” vinyl

The best of both worlds

In the ultimate collaboration between old and new, Sonos and vinyl-based charity Secret 7” have teamed up to re-animate a vintage jukebox that can stream 7”s throughout your home.   Secret 7” take 7 tracks from 7 artists, and presses… Read more

vinyl record

Streaming turn the tables for vinyl

According to our friends at the BBC, research has just emerged naming music streaming services as a driving force behind the sale of our favourite must-have lifestyle accessory, the (humble) vinyl record.   Perhaps unsurprisingly, this vinyl snap up is… Read more

Minecraft music aluna george

A Minecraft of music

Art imitates life with this year’s Norwegian tech festival ‘The Gathering’, with a first-of-its-kind live performance from future pop ensemble AlunaGeorge being recreated inside the virtual world of Minecraft, a video game where players create their own worlds out of… Read more

high-definition vinyl

Vinyl goes high definition

It’s a record, it’s a forty-five… it’s super vinyl! With 30% more capacity and volume, and aiming to hit the market within three years, the ‘HD Vinyl’ is a European patent which melds 3D-based topographical mapping with laser inscription technology to… Read more

Music from marbles

Music from marbles

In a world where even a humble iPhone can program a half-decent beat, there’s never been a shortage of retro-leaning musicians taking technology from yesteryear to make music for today; from damaged vinyl to original Nintendo Gameboys, we thought we’d seen it… Read more


RIAA win maximum damages against pirates

In a win for the RIAA /Record Industry Association of America (representing a group of labels including Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and the Warner Music Group)  , legal proceedings initiated against MP3Skull- the top-ranked MP3 sharing sites on the… Read more

africa music scene

Africa gets downloading

Africa ’s first legal download vehicle is setting sail in Senegal so local maestros can make good in music industry, free from internet piracy. With online speeds too stunted to stream, the launch of MusikBi is a welcome note on… Read more


Rave on the inside

Art has crossed the line and is now (finally!) digestible. Czech artist, Jan Poope has created the ‘Audiopill’, an alternative to ecstasy that vibrates and creates a dance party in your digestive tract. Developing the Audiopill from a medical device… Read more

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