Sound Leisure

Vinyl gets versatile

Hailing from Leeds, Sound Leisure, have today launched the first vinyl-playing jukebox in 20 years. Named after ‘Rocket 88’ which is deemed as the first rock n’ roll recording. The good-looking jukebox boasts a 1950s charm that complements its vintage nod. With… Read more


Records revived on X-Ray

Picture cold war Leningrad where everything is controlled and commanded. This is where creativity and ingenuity really thrives; when it has to find the hard way round. It’s in this context that music found a radical reproduction – on X-ray… Read more

Skype paul mccartney

Paul McCartney makes ‘loved up’ face for Skype

Taking a break from hanging out with Kanye West and Rihanna, Beatles legend Paul McCartney has put his hand to penning some music to complement Skype ’s Valentine themed emoji’s. Working with emotions such as ‘flirting’, ‘blushing’, ‘love’ and ‘lust’,… Read more

streaming gold

Streaming goes gold and platinum

Traditionally, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded platinum and gold certifications on the back of how many albums an artist sells. Platinum denotes one million sales. and gold, half a million. But in an effort to teach an… Read more

Animal Collective album

Painting with Animal Collective

Baltimore electronic experimentalists Animal Collective are no stranger to immersing their audience in visual art and music, having previously collaborated with artist Danny Perez for New York’s Guggenheim Museum 50th anniversary. And now, they’ve chosen you as their next visual… Read more

Def Leppard Guitar hero

Def Leppard earn new spots

With no shortage of artists marrying music with mobile technology (the latest being yesterday’s Painting With app from Animal Collective), it’s a bit surprising it’s taken this long for the release of a music video… through a video game. And surprisingly, it seems that… Read more

Lemmy Klimister

Lemmy invites all to funeral

He was the man that partied so hard he made Keith Richards “look like a choirboy“. So when it comes time to bid farewell to Lemmy Klimister, leader singer and bassist of Motörhead, it’s only fitting that everyone be invited. While… Read more

Live music

Get live in your living room

Live music is getting just a little more immersive. Teaming up with Universal Media Group, broadcast giants iHeartMedia are set to bring virtual reality to a number of concerts in 2016, creating an experience that until recently, was just a pipe dream. Yesterday’s announcement from UMG CEO… Read more


Pleasure yourself with music

A cutting-edge electronic device is destined to take the way we listen to the next level- or so we’re being told. The ‘Nervana’, launching in 2016, is designed to send electrical signals through the skin, triggering the Vagus nerve (no,… Read more


Beatles now streaming eight days a week

For any of you surfing the Streaming wave, you may have  noticed a gaping hole in the shape of a Beatle. Finally, however, Christmas Eve will see the airing of the Fab Four on the popular platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, Google… Read more


Peter Sunde’s reveals the “Kopimashin”

Whether it is an act of technological performance art, civil disobedience or social commentary is hard to tell… Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde is something of a techno anti-hero. When he was sentenced to one year in prison and fined… Read more

The future of music

From disc jockeys to brain circuits

POSmusic favourite Brian Eno wrote about Generative Music in his 1995 book A Year With Swollen Appendices, suggesting computers would turn music “into a kind of genetic activity – in the sense that the compositional ‘seeds’ were actually interacting sets… Read more

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