“Still don’t care”

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Legendary grinch Steve Albini has provided an interesting – if unintentional- promotional vehicle for UK Techno mainstay Powell, who “experimented” with the producer’s voice on his latest single.

When asked for permission to release the song, which sampled a live recording from Albini’s post-punk ensemble Big Black, he responded:

I am absolutely the wrong audience for this kind of music. I’ve always detested mechanized dance music, its stupid simplicity, the clubs where it was played, the people who went to those clubs, the drugs they took, the shit they liked to talk about, the clothes they wore, the battles they fought amongst each other… 

Basically all of it: 100 percent hated every scrap.

The electronic music I liked was radical and different, shit like the White Noise, Xenakis, Suicide, Kraftwerk, and the earliest stuff form Cabaret Voltaire, SPK and DAF. When that scene and those people got co-opted by dance/club music I felt like we’d lost a war. I detest club culture as deeply as I detest anything on earth.

While most sane people would consider this a refusal, the producer who famously insisted on not receiving royalties for the million-selling In Utero by Nirvana, instead concluded:

So I am against what you’re into, and an enemy of where you come from but I have no problem with what you’re doing…

In other words, you’re welcome to do whatever you like with whatever of mine you’ve gotten your hands on. Don’t care. Enjoy yourself.


Not content with Steve’s voice, Powell asked if he could use his words as well, to which Albini responded: “Still don’t care”:

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