Your future dream is a shopping scheme

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Nothing is more punk than leveraging your musical legacy built on anti-establishment anthems, and siding with a financial institution to cripple the independence of the underprivileged… is it?

In what is surely the death knell for punk rock, Time magazine has reported that Richard Branson’s Virgin Money has started producing Sex Pistols themed credit cards, complete with iconic imagery from Anarchy in the UK and Never Mind The Bollocks.

Or course Richard Branson- long before he became one of the wealthiest men in the world- signed the Sex Pistols in 1977, and helped them rise from untalented miscreants, to untalented superstars. We’re betting that everyone made a pretty penny out of the arrangement, but why stop at one, when you can have 18% of everyone else’s pretty penny?

What this means for you as a consumer, is that for only an 18% Annual Percentage Rate, you to can exercise a little bit of social discord every time you buy something you can’t quite afford… like butter!

With Branson having an estimated worth of only $5.1 Billion, and John Lydon (or as he’s known on his Credit Card, Johnny Rotten) estimated to be worth a paltry $15 million, it’s no wonder they need a little slice of what’s in your wallet; it’s like credit for charity…

Strangely enough, some 40 years on from the Sex Pistols exploding onto the musical scene, it appears they are still capable of rustling a few feathers, with advertisements for the cards being censored in the UK press (although we’re sure that this time, no arrests were made…)

Richard Branson Twitter screenshot

All the same, we’re glad we didn’t spend too much effort investing in punk ideologies, after all…

Sex pistols kitten

Oh dear…

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