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We google-map our to the clubs, and shazam the music once we’re there. And now when we’re back home again, we don’t even need to choose the soundtrack…

Moodbox- the “robot speaker with a heart”- is described today in Gizmag as “a wireless, capsule-shaped speaker designed to monitor your mood and then use learning software to select music to suit it”

And it’s not a passive device either: The moodbox has a built in microphone, asks questions (!), and (much like the furbies before them), learns over time.

This might give Sarah Connor nightmares, but in fact it’s just a (really) clever algorithm drawing on the attributes of your voice- the energy, the pitch, and how fast you’re talking- to pick music from your collection.

What’s more, it extends beyond digging out your favourite Taylor record (at just the right moment) and changing the lights to suit (yes, it does that too); it uses the data to offer an analysis on how the owner’s moods fluctuate over time, day, and with the weather, all via the companion app.

The creators of Moodbox are running an Indigogo campaign now, with two models scheduled to be available in 2016. Check the pitch below, and find out more here.

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