Artificial Intelligence writes empty-headed song based on the Beatles.

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Not content with simply photocopying the same stadium-ready EDM banger for Pitbull to rap on ad infinitum, Sony’s Philip K. Dick-sounding CSL Research Laboratory have now revealed the first song ever composed by artificial intelligence.

Described rather flatteringly as “in the style of The Beatles”, Daddy’s Car is the world’s first taste of the FlowComposer software which contains the notation to over 13,000 “mainly jazz and pop” songs alongside a handful of Broadway musicals…

Much like the Casio keyboards of the 1980s, FlowComposer requires a human to select the accompaniment style for the computer generated music, which is then used by Sony’s ReChord player, described as “a concatenative synthesis engine dedicated to the generation of accompaniment tracks for improvised music”. ReChord uses a library of over 10,000 Jazz and Bossa Nova songs, with an “emphasis on rhythm and groove”.

While both Daddy’s Car and follow-up Mr. Shadow (based on the work of George Gershwin and Duke Ellington, amongst others) were composed by ones and zeroes, French composer Benoît Carré produced, mixed and wrote the lyrics- so maybe it’s not quite the heralding the T-1000’s after-all.

Both songs are expected to be released on an all-AI album from Sony due in 2017- but from what we’re heard so far, we’re not exactly holding our breath. For one thing, it’s not much of an improvement to the horrendous royalty-free background music you might have heard in a 1980’s K-mart; and as far as music from the future goes, we still think the original robots did it better- and in 1969, no less.

And in related artificial intelligence news, Consequence of Sound have hipped us to this wonderful YouTube clip which splices Tame Impala’s Eventually to the end of Kubrick’s sci-fi epic 2001: A Space Odyssey– the perfect palate cleanser to Sony’s computer generated lounge music. Enjoy.

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