Smells like cat spirit

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It’s a question every pet owner has asked themselves, and while there have been many scientific (and not-particularly-scientific) dissertations on the musical preferences of animals, one composer- David Tiei- has taken it further, developing a musical genre specifically another species.

According to the his website, David had the chance at a legitimate career as a real musician: he has been the composer for the Washington D.C Chamber Orchestra, works on the faculty at the University Of Maryland’s School of Music, and even contributed to recording with heavy metal dinosaurs Metallica.

And now, via (what else?) a Kickstarter campaign, David has convinced over 10,000 of his fellow cat-freaks to give him USD$241, 651 to make an album for their furry little feline friends. The end product is Music for Cats .

Using traditional orchestral instruments and sampling techniques, Tiei has set out to create an entire albums worth of cat friendly music that uses the feline frame of reference as a sound palette. Fast heart-beat rhythms, insect chirping, purring noises, and we assume the opening of a can of whiskers, all go into the sound-scape for Mittens to enjoy while being waited on lazily by their human servants.

As David says: “All of the music that you’ve ever heard, every note, every phrase was written by and for humans. Now for the first time, there is authentic  music for cats”

Given the insatiable financial demands cats seem to be able to demand, we expect this to hit the very top of the Billboard charts when released in May.

You can check out more about Music for Cats on the facebook page here.

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