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Why You Need The Right Music For Your Staff

In 2015, the world’s largest retail store held a shareholders meeting where a $2.7 billion dollar investment in its workforce was announced. With over 1.3 million workers, Walmart claimed this was one of the largest private-sector pay increases in history,… Read more

Grammy Effect

Making the most of The Grammy Effect

For the global music audience, there’s no hotter topic than the Grammys, which drive a staggering amount of sales, streams, and social media activity. Part of “The Grammy Effect” is the post-ceremony buzz that sees award winning albums increase dramatically… Read more


McCartney sues to Get Back the Beatles

With the immense transformation undertaken by the music industry over the last twenty years, it’s comforting to note some things haven’t changed. While formats, listening habits, and popular genres are (as always) in a state of flux, at least for… Read more


What your brand can learn from Trainspotting

As the familiar groove of Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life creeps into the mix, the train departs and a band of misfits appear: after twenty years, Spud, Renton, Sick Boy and Begbie, last seen in Danny Boyle’s cult transformation of… Read more

country music for business

The Other Side of Country

Never quite shaking off its hillbilly aura (thanks Billy), country music has been slow to take root amongst mainstream and indie listeners; but with the largest music festival in the southern hemisphere ready to saddle up for its 45th year,… Read more

music marketing summer

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

With the monstrous New Years hangover in the rear-view mirror, and the mercury dangerously close to 40°C, we turn our attention to summer jams: the songs that soundtrack sand in our toes, cocktails in our hands, and late nights dreams… Read more

musical branding

How Converse is making music work for their brand

For many years Converse have sought the world’s most prominent designers for the prints on their iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars, but it’s Converse’s latest collaboration that we’re the most excited about. Designed and developed by technology fashion house Cute Circuit… Read more

Single Origin Brooklyn New York

Single Origin: Brooklyn, New York

An artistic hotspot since the 1970’s, New York has given birth to more musical icons than there are cities in the world. Brooklyn- the most populated of the five boroughs with over 2.5 million residents- has always been the city’s… Read more

Jazz trumpet

The science of “chills”

At POSmusic, we’re always trying to understand why the hair on the back of our necks stand up when we hear our favourite song. Of course we’re not alone, and as the Guardian reports, our scholarly friends at Harvard University have taken… Read more

streaming services music industry

Has the music industry embraced streaming services already?

Much like Batman’s relationship with The Joker, the music industry and streaming services have come to depend on each other. Despite consistently being slammed for underpaying artists by just about everyone who has ever made (or sold) a record- YouTube… Read more

brand sound

Why Mariah Carey could be your best (or worst) friend in the countdown to Christmas

Tomorrow marks the final week before Christmas and the busiest weekend of the retail calendar. The unrelenting onslaught of carols sends most shoppers mad, yet studies show the right Christmas retail music can make shoppers spend more. It’s simple, if… Read more

data sonification

Data sonification carries climate change message

No one said it better than Danish author Hans Christian Anderson: “when words fail, music speaks”. And this is exactly what The Guardian have taken to heart, with the release of a music video composed from 150 years of data… Read more

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