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Streaming moves from the studio to the bedroom

Bedroom beat-makers everywhere are rejoicing, as unofficial remixes have now begun appearing on both Apple Music and Spotify, in a deal made with digital music distributor Dubset. In what is surely the death knell for rumours of Spotify’s acquisition of… Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence writes empty-headed song based on the Beatles.

Not content with simply photocopying the same stadium-ready EDM banger for Pitbull to rap on ad infinitum, Sony’s Philip K. Dick-sounding CSL Research Laboratory have now revealed the first song ever composed by artificial intelligence. Described rather flatteringly as “in… Read more

Single Origin Brooklyn New York

Single Origin: RnB

The musical landscape often resembles a toddler’s cot, with hype acts, micro-genres and associated buzzwords strewn across the floor like yesterday’s toys. For a moment in time- somewhere between, let’s say, Boyz II Men’s regrettable Christmas Interpretations cash-in and J… Read more

Brit apple music

Apple Music miss out on Britney’s Glory

To be fair, our beloved Brit Brit has always been a bit of a tease, so 20 years into a career that looked likely to derail spectacularly after the 1990s were finished, we’re a little surprised (and amused) to find… Read more

streaming exclusives

Frank Ocean leaks drown streaming exclusives for Universal

Few albums in 2016 come as hotly anticipated as Frank Ocean’s follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange- the news even inspired a smart-phone app that texts fans the moment the new album drops– however the leak of Ocean’s “visual album” Endless- the last album on Ocean’s… Read more

Hospitality Music Marketing

Pizza Hut deliver the beats

Usually when a fast food franchise “borrows” one of their competitors gimmicks, the results are less than inspiring (such as the MC Hammer branded toothpaste one American outlet tried to pass off as a happy meal). However, in the most recent technology-focused battle… Read more

Single Origin Brooklyn New York

Single Origin: 4AD

Formed by two British record store clerks in 1980, 4AD has grown into one of the most influential record labels of our time, forming part of the Beggars Group with Matador Records, Rough Trade Records and XL Recordings. A taste-maker… Read more

Single Origin Brooklyn New York

Single Origin: J Dilla

Few artists have received as much posthumous acclaim as hip-hop visionary James Dewitt Yancey, aka Jay Dee, aka J Dilla. Eschewing the bravado and gold chains of his contemporaries, Yancey was a humble auteur, inspiring a generation of beat-makers while… Read more


The model man-machine

In one of the stranger stories we’ve come across recently, a man has allegedly renamed himself after the German electronic innovators Kraftwerk.  After posting his (somewhat suspicious) drivers license on Flickr, the Florida native continued with a series of images documenting the behind-the-scenes life of… Read more

thom yorke

Is Thom Yorke the anti-christ?

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke might be a Messiah to many people, but not the “New Generation of God“, a Christian organisation whose mission is to return “the supernatural power of God to the streets”. Using their Social Media account to warn people on… Read more

Ariana grande

#DonutGate costs Ariana Grande a show at the Whitehouse

Licking donuts isn’t the most outrageous way to create a headline, but with the hashtag #DonutGate going viral last year, Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande cost herself a prestigious gig performing for United States president Barack Obama at the White House. As… Read more


Prince’s online legacy remembered

Prince’s relationship with streaming technologies is well documented, with the legendary (and much missed) artist’s repertoire still largely absent from all the major platforms, and live performances uploaded from fans usually gone as quickly they’re uploaded. This is, after-all, the man who claimed that… Read more

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