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All about the bass

It seems every day there’s a new fad gadget to get our hands on- fitbits, google glasses, real-time language translators (finally!) and everything else that distracts us from updating all the applications on our smartphones- but if there’s anything that’s we see replacing… Read more

layered listening

Hear One introduce “layered listening”

Ambient music was the incomparable Brian Eno’s quiet revolution in music; as a result of being unable to reach his stereo and turn up the volume whilst recovering from a motorcycle accident, Eno discovered a new way of listening to music when he noticed the environment melding with the muted sounds from his malfunctioning… Read more

apple blocks filming at gigs

Apple want people to watch bands at gigs…

… and, this might not be a bad thing. In what might see the end of the ubiquitous glow of the smartphone screen at gigs everywhere (and the return of the cigarette lighter?), Apple has won a patent on an infrared… Read more


Streaming gets vinylfied

Sound quality, and compression algorithms and the (endless) analogue v digital debate always elicit heated exchanges at the POSmusic office, but if there’s one thing we can agree on here, it’s that nothing comes close to the feeling of putting… Read more

Digital Millenium copyright Act

Paul McCartney and Friends demand changes to DMCA

The battle between Youtube and the music industry still shows no signs of cooling down, with the latest declaration of war- a petition demanding changes to the Digital Millenium copyright Act (DMCA)- to be published in the Washington Post tomorrow,… Read more

radiohead spotify

Radiohead force Spotify re-think

Not many artists could command a change in policy from Spotify- even our beloved Tay-Tay has struggled in her war against the streaming giant- however the company has recently revealed they were in talks with Radiohead over their latest album… Read more

retro justin beiber

Justin Bieber goes back to the future

Here at POSmusic, we’ve always been fans of both “the Biebs” and retrotastic technology, so it was exciting moment when we discovered YouTuber TRONICBOX‘s “VHS” versions of the pop-superstar’s smash singles from the album Purpose.    Re-imagining Justin’s “What Do You Mean” into “another modern 80’s classic”, TRONICBOX baths… Read more


Napster Returns

  AAAaaaannnd… she’s back! For those of us alive during the dawn of the digital music era, it would seem like Napster has had more lives than horror villain Jason Voorhees. And in what is sure to give nightmares to Metallica… Read more

Wu-Tang go Broadway

Wu-Tang go Broadway

At POSmusic we usually stay away from music of the Broadway variety… unless it revolves around the Staten Island’s finest teaming up with everywhere man Bill Murray. As reported in FACT Magazine, the saga of “Once Upon a time in… Read more

SoundCloud FT

A slice of Four Tet’s anger

UK Dance legend Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) has lashed out against Soundcloud to his 165,000 twitter followers, amusingly referring to the service as “a total slice of shit right now”. Echoing the sentiments previously expressed by Australian producer Chet Faker–… Read more

Tidal Jay-Z

Stretching subscriber truth turns on Tidal

After a year in the box seat of Tidal (and rumours of a potential sale), Jay Z is heading into battle against the former owners of the streaming service, accusing them of using overstated subscriber numbers to boost the sale… Read more


Get funky with your fries

In 1991, America’s White Castle burger chain enlisted Hip Hop megastar MC Hammer- or rather, his fully licensed cartoon caricature Hammerman- to join the battle against poor oral health by replacing the omnipresent plastic happy meal toy with a range… Read more

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