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Why You Need The Right Music For Your Staff

In 2015, the world’s largest retail store held a shareholders meeting where a $2.7 billion dollar investment in its workforce was announced. With over 1.3 million workers, Walmart claimed this was one of the largest private-sector pay increases in history,… Read more


A new type of intelligent design

We google-map our to the clubs, and shazam the music once we’re there. And now when we’re back home again, we don’t even need to choose the soundtrack… Moodbox- the “robot speaker with a heart”- is described today in Gizmag as “a wireless,… Read more

music marketing strategies

A teaspoon of Taylor

Like pairing a great drop of white with seafood, Oxford University’s experimental psychologist, Professor Charles Spence has found that laying ears on a certain genre of music can make particular foods taste better. His culinary pairings include some Taylor Swift… Read more


Is it too late to say sorry?

In what is possibly the most hilarious (and justified) case of unified workforce action, Walmart employees once gathered in solidarity to demand the removal of Justin Bieber and Celine Dion from their in-store music playlists. As reported in New York Daily News, the… Read more

Musical Mind Control

Musical Mind Control

Big brother is play-listing you. Uncovering the psychological manipulation behind deciding to play the Four Tops or the Four Seasons in a commercial space is something that’s been studied since the 1960s. Our most vivid memories are emotionally tied to… Read more


Attention shoppers!

Nostalgia and music for many are impossible to untangle, but even so, we’re still scratching our heads at this one. Once upon a time, K Mart’s background music was provided on pre-recorded cassette tapes (remember those?) that were mailed out… Read more


Music makes the cut

“We found that often dance and drum’n’bass were played fairly loudly” In one of the more obvious conclusions we’ve seen in a background music study, researchers have “discovered” that communication can be “impaired when music is playing”. Published in the Journal… Read more

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