Live Music

apple blocks filming at gigs

Apple want people to watch bands at gigs…

… and, this might not be a bad thing. In what might see the end of the ubiquitous glow of the smartphone screen at gigs everywhere (and the return of the cigarette lighter?), Apple has won a patent on an infrared… Read more

Live music

Get live in your living room

Live music is getting just a little more immersive. Teaming up with Universal Media Group, broadcast giants iHeartMedia are set to bring virtual reality to a number of concerts in 2016, creating an experience that until recently, was just a pipe dream. Yesterday’s announcement from UMG CEO… Read more

Rage Against the Machine

Machine crushes Bizkit

It seems that Limp Bizkit’s love for Rage Against The Machine is not mutual. While covering the 1992 classic “Killing in the Name,” Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst told the audience, “When I first heard this song, that shat me right… Read more

Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf’s AFL apology

After slagging off the Australian Football League during a Billboard interview, Meat Loaf has issued an apology (and it’s not for his name). Deeming them as the ‘cheapest people I’ve ever seen in my life’ on the back of his… Read more


Houston’s hologram to hit world stage

A virtual recreation of the late Whitney Houston’s is due to tour the world in 2016. A joint venture between Hologram USA and Whitney’s sister, Pat Houston, this multimedia marvel will revive the singer’s trademark hits with a little help… Read more

SpongeBob musical

Bowie in underwater broadway

We’ve had the TV show, the movie, countless video games, Some very, very strange merchandise, and now it’s time for The SpongeBob Musical. On it’s own this does sound a little, however providing the soundtrack for the underwater adventure will be… Read more

Chief Keef

Lights out for holographic performance

Chicago rapper Chief Keef may still be a teenager, but he’s already established an impressive CV, having been convicted of (amongst many other things) driving with too many passengers , marijuana possession, violating his probation, weapons charges, and serving time… Read more

fried chicken cat

Where country music fails, fried chicken prevails

Alt-country dreamboat Ryan Adams may have made a few enemies through the course of interesting career, but he’s won a few fans today. During the a late jet-lagged walk through Auckland’s Symonds Street cemetery- where we assume all touring rock stars… Read more

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday takes the stage again

Billie Holiday may have died in New York in 1959 but this autumn she’ll be returning, to the iconic Harlem Apollo theatre, in lifelike hologram form. The Apollo is a fitting theatre for Lady Day to return to; Holiday debuted… Read more

Grammy winner Neil busking

Grammy winner makes an incredible £12.30 busking

Nile Rodgers has recently hit the streets of London with his guitar and amp to croon to commuters. Disguised in a beanie and scarf, the famous funkster stayed under the recognition radar until he busted out his hits ‘Le Freak’… Read more

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin release Bombay recordings

Despite being one of the biggest bands in the world, not even the juggernaut that is Led Zeppelin could turn down a cheap holiday to India in the heady days of the 1970’s, where many tie-dye travellers landed to indulge… Read more

Taylor Swifts live

Taylor Swift’s merchandise to the rescue

A recent Taylor Swift concert has almost ended in tragedy, with three friends driving home from the event when the driver, Elizabeth Dazzio fell asleep at the wheel. With the car totalled and Elizabeth unconscious, the two passengers were trapped… Read more

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