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layered listening

Hear One introduce “layered listening”

Ambient music was the incomparable Brian Eno’s quiet revolution in music; as a result of being unable to reach his stereo and turn up the volume whilst recovering from a motorcycle accident, Eno discovered a new way of listening to music when he noticed the environment melding with the muted sounds from his malfunctioning… Read more


Get funky with your fries

In 1991, America’s White Castle burger chain enlisted Hip Hop megastar MC Hammer- or rather, his fully licensed cartoon caricature Hammerman- to join the battle against poor oral health by replacing the omnipresent plastic happy meal toy with a range… Read more

Animal Collective album

Painting with Animal Collective

Baltimore electronic experimentalists Animal Collective are no stranger to immersing their audience in visual art and music, having previously collaborated with artist Danny Perez for New York’s Guggenheim Museum 50th anniversary. And now, they’ve chosen you as their next visual… Read more


Shakira’s app don’t lie

With the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood raking in millions (seriously), celebrities are lining up to get their slice of the gaming pie. While game developer Glu Mobile has signed deals with Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj,  The Guardian reports… Read more


Korean Rap-God PSY Meets Crossy Road

Crossy Road, by Australian app developers Hipster Whale, is the latest in hi-end mobile gaming experiences: even though it emulates a title made before people knew how to use their thumbs (1980’s arcade smash Frogger), it’s already reached over 90 million downloads since its launch… Read more

Shazam jukebox

From Discovery to divination

Few apps have truly revolutionised how we listen to music in the way the Shazam has. And while the company continues to find new ways to innovate (you can even Shazam physical objects now), a recent talk by Shazam Vice… Read more

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