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Grammy Effect

Making the most of The Grammy Effect

For the global music audience, there’s no hotter topic than the Grammys, which drive a staggering amount of sales, streams, and social media activity. Part of “The Grammy Effect” is the post-ceremony buzz that sees award winning albums increase dramatically… Read more

Spotify Adele best seller

Spotify re-ranks the best-sellers

The new world of music streaming is revealing some interesting truths about best-selling albums. Re-imagined for the digital age, our friends at Spotify have mined their data to bring us the all-time most popular albums as well as their own… Read more

streaming Adele

Streaming reigns supreme

Digital downloads have dulled, while streaming has struck a chord with a revenue win. Spotify and YouTube are unsurprisingly the subscription services with the largest listenership, with the split showing streaming at 34.5% of revenue compared to digital downloads at 34%. However, in… Read more


Adele says ‘Hello’ to most-viewed video

After a musical hiatus, Adele’s lead single Hello galloped out of the gates with a massive start. Following typically-ravishing reviews and record breaking music video views, Adele’s latest powerhouse anthem bumped off Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood record of 22.1 million views in a day with an incredible 27.7… Read more

streaming gold

Streaming goes gold and platinum

Traditionally, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded platinum and gold certifications on the back of how many albums an artist sells. Platinum denotes one million sales. and gold, half a million. But in an effort to teach an… Read more

Catalogue Albums

Everything old is new again

2015 will go down as the first year in U.S. history that new release albums were outsold by catalogue albums released more than 18 months ago. Nielsen’s annual music report showed catalogue albums came out on top by a jaw-dropping… Read more


Beatles now streaming eight days a week

For any of you surfing the Streaming wave, you may have  noticed a gaping hole in the shape of a Beatle. Finally, however, Christmas Eve will see the airing of the Fab Four on the popular platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, Google… Read more


Thriller hits 100 million sales

Amidst predictions of the recording industry’s demise (which we’ve been hearing about since the introduction of the tape player), we’re reminded once again that people are still willing to pay for good music. RIAA chairman Cary Sherman has released a… Read more

Manufactured music

Manufactured music gets manufactured review

For many of us who grew up with Rolling Stone magazine and coming-of-age classic Almost Famous, writing about music is a dream job. However in between hanging backstage with your musical idols and courting a baby-face Kate Hudson, you do… Read more

Shazam jukebox

From Discovery to divination

Few apps have truly revolutionised how we listen to music in the way the Shazam has. And while the company continues to find new ways to innovate (you can even Shazam physical objects now), a recent talk by Shazam Vice… Read more

royalties vinyl

Streaming is up, but will the royalties remain?

The streaming industry is growing at an unprecedented rate: but even with a massive 11.5 billion individual streams recorded in the UK in the last 6 months, people are still asking the question: are the artists receiving the payments they deserve? While any… Read more

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