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musical branding

How Converse is making music work for their brand

For many years Converse have sought the world’s most prominent designers for the prints on their iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars, but it’s Converse’s latest collaboration that we’re the most excited about. Designed and developed by technology fashion house Cute Circuit… Read more


All about the bass

It seems every day there’s a new fad gadget to get our hands on- fitbits, google glasses, real-time language translators (finally!) and everything else that distracts us from updating all the applications on our smartphones- but if there’s anything that’s we see replacing… Read more

Secret 7” vinyl

The best of both worlds

In the ultimate collaboration between old and new, Sonos and vinyl-based charity Secret 7” have teamed up to re-animate a vintage jukebox that can stream 7”s throughout your home.   Secret 7” take 7 tracks from 7 artists, and presses… Read more


Rave on the inside

Art has crossed the line and is now (finally!) digestible. Czech artist, Jan Poope has created the ‘Audiopill’, an alternative to ecstasy that vibrates and creates a dance party in your digestive tract. Developing the Audiopill from a medical device… Read more


A new type of intelligent design

We google-map our to the clubs, and shazam the music once we’re there. And now when we’re back home again, we don’t even need to choose the soundtrack… Moodbox- the “robot speaker with a heart”- is described today in Gizmag as “a wireless,… Read more


Pleasure yourself with music

A cutting-edge electronic device is destined to take the way we listen to the next level- or so we’re being told. The ‘Nervana’, launching in 2016, is designed to send electrical signals through the skin, triggering the Vagus nerve (no,… Read more

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