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Brit apple music

Apple Music miss out on Britney’s Glory

To be fair, our beloved Brit Brit has always been a bit of a tease, so 20 years into a career that looked likely to derail spectacularly after the 1990s were finished, we’re a little surprised (and amused) to find… Read more

streaming exclusives

Frank Ocean leaks drown streaming exclusives for Universal

Few albums in 2016 come as hotly anticipated as Frank Ocean’s follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange- the news even inspired a smart-phone app that texts fans the moment the new album drops– however the leak of Ocean’s “visual album” Endless- the last album on Ocean’s… Read more

thom yorke

Is Thom Yorke the anti-christ?

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke might be a Messiah to many people, but not the “New Generation of God“, a Christian organisation whose mission is to return “the supernatural power of God to the streets”. Using their Social Media account to warn people on… Read more

radiohead spotify

Radiohead force Spotify re-think

Not many artists could command a change in policy from Spotify- even our beloved Tay-Tay has struggled in her war against the streaming giant- however the company has recently revealed they were in talks with Radiohead over their latest album… Read more

Wu-Tang go Broadway

Wu-Tang go Broadway

At POSmusic we usually stay away from music of the Broadway variety… unless it revolves around the Staten Island’s finest teaming up with everywhere man Bill Murray. As reported in FACT Magazine, the saga of “Once Upon a time in… Read more

SoundCloud FT

A slice of Four Tet’s anger

UK Dance legend Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) has lashed out against Soundcloud to his 165,000 twitter followers, amusingly referring to the service as “a total slice of shit right now”. Echoing the sentiments previously expressed by Australian producer Chet Faker–… Read more

Kanye West

Kanye’s tweets come back to bite

In what could be a first, pop culture celebrity, husband of Kim Kardashian, fashion designer (and occasional musician) Kanye West may have exaggerated the truth; and together with streaming service Tidal, Kanye is now facing a class action lawsuit over a… Read more

Bill Gates turntables

Gates in your face

Even with EDM culture driving DJ salaries into the stratosphere– allowing otherwise tasteless celebrity selectors such as Paris Hilton to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from pressing play- it comes as some surprise that Microsoft Founder (and world’s richest man)… Read more

africa music scene

Africa gets downloading

Africa ’s first legal download vehicle is setting sail in Senegal so local maestros can make good in music industry, free from internet piracy. With online speeds too stunted to stream, the launch of MusikBi is a welcome note on… Read more

Joplin Janis

Janis’s Porsche makes history

One of rock’s most iconic vehicles has sold at auction this week for a history making US $1.76 million. Once owned by Janis Joplin, the psychedelic 1965 Porsche nearly tripled its estimated auction price. While originally Pearl White, the Porsche… Read more

Manufactured music

Manufactured music gets manufactured review

For many of us who grew up with Rolling Stone magazine and coming-of-age classic Almost Famous, writing about music is a dream job. However in between hanging backstage with your musical idols and courting a baby-face Kate Hudson, you do… Read more

Bon Scott

Bon Scott’s long way home

Legendary AC/DC’s frontman Bon Scott built himself a legion dedicated of fans across the globe. It’s no surprise that every year many of these fans descend upon his hometown of Kirriemuir, Scotland for Bonfest, the rock festival in his honour. And in Bonfest’s 10th… Read more

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