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Peter Garrett

Peter Garrett on music, values and politics

After hanging up his boots as singer for legendary Australian rockers Midnight Oil, it came as no surprise to many that Peter Garrett moved into politics. Still, few would have expected Garrett’s much anticipated keynote speech at Brisbane’s Big Sound music… Read more

George Lucas

George Lucas refuses King of Pop classic role

In news that is truly “off the wall” (sorry), George Lucas has revealed that Michael Jackson approached him for the role of the Anakin’s BFF (and possible Sith Lord) Jar Jar Binks, in the critically acclaimed Star Wars prequel The Phantom… Read more


When the Beatles went blank

Big name Beatle Paul McCartney says that before the unfolding of mobile recording, songs he’d written with Lennon had often vanished the next day. He told London’s Evening Standard that recording devices have ‘changed the songwriting process’ and that gone… Read more


It wasn’t me

Orville Burrell, best known the world over by his stage name Shaggy, has opened up in a recent interview with New York Times, openly discussing his charitable work, the profane lyrics to some of his songs, living vicariously through Shaggy…… Read more

James Murphy Subway

The sound of silver subways

James Murphy does not take ‘No’ for an answer. Since 1999, New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has refused his proposal to replace the turnstile ‘swipe’ sounds in the New York subways with polyphonic electronic bleeps However in a recent… Read more

Mastodon Game of thrones

Mastodon get murdered on Game of Thrones

Mastodon have joined an alumni of musicians to make a guest appearance on the super popular series, Game of Thrones. Following in Coldplay’s Will Champion and Sigur Rós’s footsteps, metal quartet, Mastodon have stepped into the wintery world as ‘wildlings’.… Read more

Father John Misty

Father John Misty parody’s Pandora

Playing to part, Father John Misty has raised his cynical head yet again by releasing a series of piss-taking promos for streaming service, Pandora. True to form, he sensationally makes satire out of self promotion on his Soundcloud. Misty on… Read more

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