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Grammy Effect

Making the most of The Grammy Effect

For the global music audience, there’s no hotter topic than the Grammys, which drive a staggering amount of sales, streams, and social media activity. Part of “The Grammy Effect” is the post-ceremony buzz that sees award winning albums increase dramatically… Read more

music marketing summer

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer

With the monstrous New Years hangover in the rear-view mirror, and the mercury dangerously close to 40°C, we turn our attention to summer jams: the songs that soundtrack sand in our toes, cocktails in our hands, and late nights dreams… Read more

data sonification

Data sonification carries climate change message

No one said it better than Danish author Hans Christian Anderson: “when words fail, music speaks”. And this is exactly what The Guardian have taken to heart, with the release of a music video composed from 150 years of data… Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence writes empty-headed song based on the Beatles.

Not content with simply photocopying the same stadium-ready EDM banger for Pitbull to rap on ad infinitum, Sony’s Philip K. Dick-sounding CSL Research Laboratory have now revealed the first song ever composed by artificial intelligence. Described rather flatteringly as “in… Read more

Brit apple music

Apple Music miss out on Britney’s Glory

To be fair, our beloved Brit Brit has always been a bit of a tease, so 20 years into a career that looked likely to derail spectacularly after the 1990s were finished, we’re a little surprised (and amused) to find… Read more

streaming exclusives

Frank Ocean leaks drown streaming exclusives for Universal

Few albums in 2016 come as hotly anticipated as Frank Ocean’s follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange- the news even inspired a smart-phone app that texts fans the moment the new album drops– however the leak of Ocean’s “visual album” Endless- the last album on Ocean’s… Read more

radiohead spotify

Radiohead force Spotify re-think

Not many artists could command a change in policy from Spotify- even our beloved Tay-Tay has struggled in her war against the streaming giant- however the company has recently revealed they were in talks with Radiohead over their latest album… Read more

retro justin beiber

Justin Bieber goes back to the future

Here at POSmusic, we’ve always been fans of both “the Biebs” and retrotastic technology, so it was exciting moment when we discovered YouTuber TRONICBOX‘s “VHS” versions of the pop-superstar’s smash singles from the album Purpose.    Re-imagining Justin’s “What Do You Mean” into “another modern 80’s classic”, TRONICBOX baths… Read more

Wu-Tang go Broadway

Wu-Tang go Broadway

At POSmusic we usually stay away from music of the Broadway variety… unless it revolves around the Staten Island’s finest teaming up with everywhere man Bill Murray. As reported in FACT Magazine, the saga of “Once Upon a time in… Read more

Kanye West

Kanye’s tweets come back to bite

In what could be a first, pop culture celebrity, husband of Kim Kardashian, fashion designer (and occasional musician) Kanye West may have exaggerated the truth; and together with streaming service Tidal, Kanye is now facing a class action lawsuit over a… Read more

Spotify Adele best seller

Spotify re-ranks the best-sellers

The new world of music streaming is revealing some interesting truths about best-selling albums. Re-imagined for the digital age, our friends at Spotify have mined their data to bring us the all-time most popular albums as well as their own… Read more

Music from marbles

Music from marbles

In a world where even a humble iPhone can program a half-decent beat, there’s never been a shortage of retro-leaning musicians taking technology from yesteryear to make music for today; from damaged vinyl to original Nintendo Gameboys, we thought we’d seen it… Read more

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