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Herbert music food

Herbert’s tasty(?) new release

Electronic provocateur Matthew Herbert is no stranger to combining food and music: aside from creating some of the most delicious house records ever made, Herbert has previously released an album made entirely of the culinary sounds (2005’s Plat Du Jour),… Read more

Animal Collective album

Painting with Animal Collective

Baltimore electronic experimentalists Animal Collective are no stranger to immersing their audience in visual art and music, having previously collaborated with artist Danny Perez for New York’s Guggenheim Museum 50th anniversary. And now, they’ve chosen you as their next visual… Read more


A new kind of buzz

In what some are describing as “the weirdest drone record of the year”, Spiritualized leader Jason Pierce has recorded an album alongside… bees. Pierce- one of “the last great outsiders“– may have long moved on from the heady days of Spacemen… Read more

The Simpsons meet Paul Kelly

The Simpsons meet Paul Kelly

There’s really not too much to say about this one! Through the course of its extensive television run, The Simpsons has provided countless musical memories. While the Michael Jackson’ penned  “Do The Bartman” is probably not a favourable one, we are very impressed with the… Read more

Once Upon a Time In Shaolin

Once Upon a Time In Shaolin trailer drops

No doubt a few people were grinning when pharmaceutical executive and notorious villain Martin Shkreli was recently arrested on charges of fraud, especially after being revealed as the buyer of the one-copy-only Once Upon a Time In Shaolin by The Wu… Read more


Peter Sunde’s reveals the “Kopimashin”

Whether it is an act of technological performance art, civil disobedience or social commentary is hard to tell… Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde is something of a techno anti-hero. When he was sentenced to one year in prison and fined… Read more

Who sells only one album wu tang

Who sells only one album..?

Limp Bizkit? Maybe if they’re lucky. But the answer (this time) is surprisingly, hip hop Royalty the Wu-Tang Clan. Designed as a piece of art and not a consumable music product, the long-island legends intentionally made just one copy of… Read more

Music for Cats

Smells like cat spirit

It’s a question every pet owner has asked themselves, and while there have been many scientific (and not-particularly-scientific) dissertations on the musical preferences of animals, one composer- David Tiei- has taken it further, developing a musical genre specifically another species.… Read more


Gazpacho record will destroy the universe

Norwegian prog-rockers Gazpacho have included an interesting bonus in their latest release, embedding code at the end of the CD release of Molok that causes the listener’s CD player to sound a strange signal theoretically capable of destroying of all life as we know it. We’re… Read more

Misty taylor swift

Father John Misty dreamed a dream

It turns out that Misty’s musings about Lou Reed telling him to adios his Swift covers were full of fantasy. When the songs that he recorded in an hour started to soar into the stratosphere, appearing on USA Today, and… Read more

Steve Albini Billboard

“Still don’t care”

Legendary grinch Steve Albini has provided an interesting – if unintentional- promotional vehicle for UK Techno mainstay Powell, who “experimented” with the producer’s voice on his latest single. When asked for permission to release the song, which sampled a live… Read more

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain’s torment continues in Montage Of Heck soundtrack

Kurt Cobain has scored another strike against Jeff Buckley in the battle for most posthumous releases, as Montage of Heck, the new documentary about the little known moments of Kurt Cobain’s life, is set to the soundtrack of Cobains’ own… Read more

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