Music Research

Jazz trumpet

The science of “chills”

At POSmusic, we’re always trying to understand why the hair on the back of our necks stand up when we hear our favourite song. Of course we’re not alone, and as the Guardian reports, our scholarly friends at Harvard University have taken… Read more

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence writes empty-headed song based on the Beatles.

Not content with simply photocopying the same stadium-ready EDM banger for Pitbull to rap on ad infinitum, Sony’s Philip K. Dick-sounding CSL Research Laboratory have now revealed the first song ever composed by artificial intelligence. Described rather flatteringly as “in… Read more

Music Psychology

Mental Music

Music Psychology is a complex subject. Brandishing both sides of the brain, Josh McDermott moved from DJ to neuroscientist with interesting insight. Studying the impact of music at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McDermott and his collaborators tested 165 common sounds.… Read more

The future of music

From disc jockeys to brain circuits

POSmusic favourite Brian Eno wrote about Generative Music in his 1995 book A Year With Swollen Appendices, suggesting computers would turn music “into a kind of genetic activity – in the sense that the compositional ‘seeds’ were actually interacting sets… Read more

music marketing strategies

A teaspoon of Taylor

Like pairing a great drop of white with seafood, Oxford University’s experimental psychologist, Professor Charles Spence has found that laying ears on a certain genre of music can make particular foods taste better. His culinary pairings include some Taylor Swift… Read more

Music for Cats

Smells like cat spirit

It’s a question every pet owner has asked themselves, and while there have been many scientific (and not-particularly-scientific) dissertations on the musical preferences of animals, one composer- David Tiei- has taken it further, developing a musical genre specifically another species.… Read more

Musical Mind Control

Musical Mind Control

Big brother is play-listing you. Uncovering the psychological manipulation behind deciding to play the Four Tops or the Four Seasons in a commercial space is something that’s been studied since the 1960s. Our most vivid memories are emotionally tied to… Read more

Miles Davis

Will the next Miles Davis be a man of steel?

Nothing expresses the intricacies, vulnerabilities and nuance of the human heart and creative impulse more than a sequence of 1’s and 0’s passing through nano-tubes to be mathematically interpreted by a powerful microprocessor, before being delicately delivered as sound through… Read more


Music makes the cut

“We found that often dance and drum’n’bass were played fairly loudly” In one of the more obvious conclusions we’ve seen in a background music study, researchers have “discovered” that communication can be “impaired when music is playing”. Published in the Journal… Read more

music taste

Scientists confirm what everyone knows

We all knew this was true anyway, but finally we can say it is scientific fact that you can judge a person’s personality via their music collection. Cambridge University have this week published a study which analysed the music preferences… Read more


Eminem’s shock victory

In an announcement that has certainly come as a surprise to us… it turns out that Eminem has quite a way with words. In a welcome change from the usual heavy metal study, researchers Varun Jewalikar and Nishant Verma somehow managed… Read more

Heavy metal

Extreme is IN

In news that will come as absolutely no surprise to millions of well adjusted head-bangers everywhere, a recent study conducted by California’s Humboldt State University has found that listening to Heavy metal and “extreme” music can in fact make listeners… Read more

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