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Pizza Hut deliver the beats

Usually when a fast food franchise “borrows” one of their competitors gimmicks, the results are less than inspiring (such as the MC Hammer branded toothpaste one American outlet tried to pass off as a happy meal). However, in the most recent technology-focused battle… Read more


The model man-machine

In one of the stranger stories we’ve come across recently, a man has allegedly renamed himself after the German electronic innovators Kraftwerk.  After posting his (somewhat suspicious) drivers license on Flickr, the Florida native continued with a series of images documenting the behind-the-scenes life of… Read more

thom yorke

Is Thom Yorke the anti-christ?

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke might be a Messiah to many people, but not the “New Generation of God“, a Christian organisation whose mission is to return “the supernatural power of God to the streets”. Using their Social Media account to warn people on… Read more

Ariana grande

#DonutGate costs Ariana Grande a show at the Whitehouse

Licking donuts isn’t the most outrageous way to create a headline, but with the hashtag #DonutGate going viral last year, Dangerous Woman Ariana Grande cost herself a prestigious gig performing for United States president Barack Obama at the White House. As… Read more

apple blocks filming at gigs

Apple want people to watch bands at gigs…

… and, this might not be a bad thing. In what might see the end of the ubiquitous glow of the smartphone screen at gigs everywhere (and the return of the cigarette lighter?), Apple has won a patent on an infrared… Read more

Music from marbles

Music from marbles

In a world where even a humble iPhone can program a half-decent beat, there’s never been a shortage of retro-leaning musicians taking technology from yesteryear to make music for today; from damaged vinyl to original Nintendo Gameboys, we thought we’d seen it… Read more


Adele says ‘Hello’ to most-viewed video

After a musical hiatus, Adele’s lead single Hello galloped out of the gates with a massive start. Following typically-ravishing reviews and record breaking music video views, Adele’s latest powerhouse anthem bumped off Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood record of 22.1 million views in a day with an incredible 27.7… Read more

Lemmy Klimister

Lemmy invites all to funeral

He was the man that partied so hard he made Keith Richards “look like a choirboy“. So when it comes time to bid farewell to Lemmy Klimister, leader singer and bassist of Motörhead, it’s only fitting that everyone be invited. While… Read more

The Simpsons meet Paul Kelly

The Simpsons meet Paul Kelly

There’s really not too much to say about this one! Through the course of its extensive television run, The Simpsons has provided countless musical memories. While the Michael Jackson’ penned  “Do The Bartman” is probably not a favourable one, we are very impressed with the… Read more

CrowdSound Philharmonic

Making a mutual melody is encouraging would-be composers to put together a score by voting on each note. Brendon Ferris is the brainchild behind this musical experiment. The Dominican Republic-based programmer has created a platform where each note is given the nod by… Read more

Misty taylor swift

Father John Misty dreamed a dream

It turns out that Misty’s musings about Lou Reed telling him to adios his Swift covers were full of fantasy. When the songs that he recorded in an hour started to soar into the stratosphere, appearing on USA Today, and… Read more

Frank Sinatra

Sinatra’s Social Bible sells…

Frank Sinatra- Ol’ Blue Eyes himself- may have (slightly) proceeded the Social Media age, but he still managed to accumulate an impressive friends list, keeping track of them in his own “Social Bible”. Frank’s little black book, described by man… Read more

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