McCartney sues to Get Back the Beatles

With the immense transformation undertaken by the music industry over the last twenty years, it’s comforting to note some things haven’t changed. While formats, listening habits, and popular genres are (as always) in a state of flux, at least for… Read more

streaming services music industry

Has the music industry embraced streaming services already?

Much like Batman’s relationship with The Joker, the music industry and streaming services have come to depend on each other. Despite consistently being slammed for underpaying artists by just about everyone who has ever made (or sold) a record- YouTube… Read more

brand sound

Why Mariah Carey could be your best (or worst) friend in the countdown to Christmas

Tomorrow marks the final week before Christmas and the busiest weekend of the retail calendar. The unrelenting onslaught of carols sends most shoppers mad, yet studies show the right Christmas retail music can make shoppers spend more. It’s simple, if… Read more

spotify mobile

Streaming moves from the studio to the bedroom

Bedroom beat-makers everywhere are rejoicing, as unofficial remixes have now begun appearing on both Apple Music and Spotify, in a deal made with digital music distributor Dubset. In what is surely the death knell for rumours of Spotify’s acquisition of… Read more

Brit apple music

Apple Music miss out on Britney’s Glory

To be fair, our beloved Brit Brit has always been a bit of a tease, so 20 years into a career that looked likely to derail spectacularly after the 1990s were finished, we’re a little surprised (and amused) to find… Read more

streaming exclusives

Frank Ocean leaks drown streaming exclusives for Universal

Few albums in 2016 come as hotly anticipated as Frank Ocean’s follow up to 2012’s Channel Orange- the news even inspired a smart-phone app that texts fans the moment the new album drops– however the leak of Ocean’s “visual album” Endless- the last album on Ocean’s… Read more


Prince’s online legacy remembered

Prince’s relationship with streaming technologies is well documented, with the legendary (and much missed) artist’s repertoire still largely absent from all the major platforms, and live performances uploaded from fans usually gone as quickly they’re uploaded. This is, after-all, the man who claimed that… Read more

Digital Millenium copyright Act

Paul McCartney and Friends demand changes to DMCA

The battle between Youtube and the music industry still shows no signs of cooling down, with the latest declaration of war- a petition demanding changes to the Digital Millenium copyright Act (DMCA)- to be published in the Washington Post tomorrow,… Read more

radiohead spotify

Radiohead force Spotify re-think

Not many artists could command a change in policy from Spotify- even our beloved Tay-Tay has struggled in her war against the streaming giant- however the company has recently revealed they were in talks with Radiohead over their latest album… Read more


Napster Returns

  AAAaaaannnd… she’s back! For those of us alive during the dawn of the digital music era, it would seem like Napster has had more lives than horror villain Jason Voorhees. And in what is sure to give nightmares to Metallica… Read more

Tidal Jay-Z

Stretching subscriber truth turns on Tidal

After a year in the box seat of Tidal (and rumours of a potential sale), Jay Z is heading into battle against the former owners of the streaming service, accusing them of using overstated subscriber numbers to boost the sale… Read more

YouTube war

The great YouTube war is here

In a balanced take on the online streaming debate, The Gaurdian’s Eamonn Forde latest blog discusses Red Hot Chili Peppers manager Peter Mensch’s recent comments slamming YouTube for (what else?) not paying musicians fairly. Thankfully avoiding the slanderous rhetoric going… Read more

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