Secret 7” vinyl

The best of both worlds

In the ultimate collaboration between old and new, Sonos and vinyl-based charity Secret 7” have teamed up to re-animate a vintage jukebox that can stream 7”s throughout your home.   Secret 7” take 7 tracks from 7 artists, and presses… Read more

Spotify Adele best seller

Spotify re-ranks the best-sellers

The new world of music streaming is revealing some interesting truths about best-selling albums. Re-imagined for the digital age, our friends at Spotify have mined their data to bring us the all-time most popular albums as well as their own… Read more

Minecraft music aluna george

A Minecraft of music

Art imitates life with this year’s Norwegian tech festival ‘The Gathering’, with a first-of-its-kind live performance from future pop ensemble AlunaGeorge being recreated inside the virtual world of Minecraft, a video game where players create their own worlds out of… Read more

streaming Adele

Streaming reigns supreme

Digital downloads have dulled, while streaming has struck a chord with a revenue win. Spotify and YouTube are unsurprisingly the subscription services with the largest listenership, with the split showing streaming at 34.5% of revenue compared to digital downloads at 34%. However, in… Read more

africa music scene

Africa gets downloading

Africa ’s first legal download vehicle is setting sail in Senegal so local maestros can make good in music industry, free from internet piracy. With online speeds too stunted to stream, the launch of MusikBi is a welcome note on… Read more


Adele says ‘Hello’ to most-viewed video

After a musical hiatus, Adele’s lead single Hello galloped out of the gates with a massive start. Following typically-ravishing reviews and record breaking music video views, Adele’s latest powerhouse anthem bumped off Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood record of 22.1 million views in a day with an incredible 27.7… Read more

streaming gold

Streaming goes gold and platinum

Traditionally, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has awarded platinum and gold certifications on the back of how many albums an artist sells. Platinum denotes one million sales. and gold, half a million. But in an effort to teach an… Read more

Catalogue Albums

Everything old is new again

2015 will go down as the first year in U.S. history that new release albums were outsold by catalogue albums released more than 18 months ago. Nielsen’s annual music report showed catalogue albums came out on top by a jaw-dropping… Read more

Lemmy Klimister

Lemmy invites all to funeral

He was the man that partied so hard he made Keith Richards “look like a choirboy“. So when it comes time to bid farewell to Lemmy Klimister, leader singer and bassist of Motörhead, it’s only fitting that everyone be invited. While… Read more


Beatles now streaming eight days a week

For any of you surfing the Streaming wave, you may have  noticed a gaping hole in the shape of a Beatle. Finally, however, Christmas Eve will see the airing of the Fab Four on the popular platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, Google… Read more


Houston’s hologram to hit world stage

A virtual recreation of the late Whitney Houston’s is due to tour the world in 2016. A joint venture between Hologram USA and Whitney’s sister, Pat Houston, this multimedia marvel will revive the singer’s trademark hits with a little help… Read more

Taylor Swift

No Swift return to Spotify

When POSmusic favourite Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify, many assumed it wouldn’t last; surely one of the world’s biggest pop stars of today would embrace the latest technology eventually? As it turns out, years later there’s still no reconciliation between Team Taylor and Spotify. Far from targeting… Read more

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