Taylor Swift

Digital Millenium copyright Act

Paul McCartney and Friends demand changes to DMCA

The battle between Youtube and the music industry still shows no signs of cooling down, with the latest declaration of war- a petition demanding changes to the Digital Millenium copyright Act (DMCA)- to be published in the Washington Post tomorrow,… Read more

music marketing strategies

A teaspoon of Taylor

Like pairing a great drop of white with seafood, Oxford University’s experimental psychologist, Professor Charles Spence has found that laying ears on a certain genre of music can make particular foods taste better. His culinary pairings include some Taylor Swift… Read more

Misty taylor swift

Father John Misty dreamed a dream

It turns out that Misty’s musings about Lou Reed telling him to adios his Swift covers were full of fantasy. When the songs that he recorded in an hour started to soar into the stratosphere, appearing on USA Today, and… Read more

John Misty

Swift gets Misty treatment

On the back of Ryan Adams’ re-imagination of Taylor Swift’s 1989, John Tillman, better known as Father John Misty, released his own Velvet Underground inspired take on Ryan’s take. Having shared his covers with his fans, Tillman had a dream.… Read more

Taylor Swift

No Swift return to Spotify

When POSmusic favourite Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify, many assumed it wouldn’t last; surely one of the world’s biggest pop stars of today would embrace the latest technology eventually? As it turns out, years later there’s still no reconciliation between Team Taylor and Spotify. Far from targeting… Read more

Taylor Swifts live

Taylor Swift’s merchandise to the rescue

A recent Taylor Swift concert has almost ended in tragedy, with three friends driving home from the event when the driver, Elizabeth Dazzio fell asleep at the wheel. With the car totalled and Elizabeth unconscious, the two passengers were trapped… Read more

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