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Skype paul mccartney

Paul McCartney makes ‘loved up’ face for Skype

Taking a break from hanging out with Kanye West and Rihanna, Beatles legend Paul McCartney has put his hand to penning some music to complement Skype ’s Valentine themed emoji’s. Working with emotions such as ‘flirting’, ‘blushing’, ‘love’ and ‘lust’,… Read more


Beatles now streaming eight days a week

For any of you surfing the Streaming wave, you may have  noticed a gaping hole in the shape of a Beatle. Finally, however, Christmas Eve will see the airing of the Fab Four on the popular platforms of Spotify, Apple Music, Google… Read more

Ringo the beatles

Ringo drums up auction record

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr sent music collectors into a spin when he auctioned off some of his most prized possessions. His iconic Ludwig drum set,used for 180 Beatles recordings and over 200 live performances, sold for an astounding US$2.2 million,… Read more


NASA upload the ‘Golden Record’

Hoping to answer questions such as – do aliens like to ‘rock out’ or ‘get funky’? NASA launched the Voyager I and II into space in 1977. The probes set off into the big nothing armed with the ‘Golden Record’,… Read more


When the Beatles went blank

Big name Beatle Paul McCartney says that before the unfolding of mobile recording, songs he’d written with Lennon had often vanished the next day. He told London’s Evening Standard that recording devices have ‘changed the songwriting process’ and that gone… Read more

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