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Get funky with your fries

In 1991, America’s White Castle burger chain enlisted Hip Hop megastar MC Hammer- or rather, his fully licensed cartoon caricature Hammerman- to join the battle against poor oral health by replacing the omnipresent plastic happy meal toy with a range… Read more

Minecraft music aluna george

A Minecraft of music

Art imitates life with this year’s Norwegian tech festival ‘The Gathering’, with a first-of-its-kind live performance from future pop ensemble AlunaGeorge being recreated inside the virtual world of Minecraft, a video game where players create their own worlds out of… Read more

Def Leppard Guitar hero

Def Leppard earn new spots

With no shortage of artists marrying music with mobile technology (the latest being yesterday’s Painting With app from Animal Collective), it’s a bit surprising it’s taken this long for the release of a music video… through a video game. And surprisingly, it seems that… Read more


Shakira’s app don’t lie

With the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood raking in millions (seriously), celebrities are lining up to get their slice of the gaming pie. While game developer Glu Mobile has signed deals with Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj,  The Guardian reports… Read more

Lemmy Killmeister

Lemmy rides on

As the music industry continues to pay respects to fallen hard rock icon Lemmy Killmeister, one tribute that’s grabbed our attention is the fan-released “Lemmy Tribute Möd” for Rockstar Games mega-hit GTA IV. Playing as the great man himself, players can… Read more

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