Streaming gets vinylfied

Sound quality, and compression algorithms and the (endless) analogue v digital debate always elicit heated exchanges at the POSmusic office, but if there’s one thing we can agree on here, it’s that nothing comes close to the feeling of putting… Read more

Secret 7” vinyl

The best of both worlds

In the ultimate collaboration between old and new, Sonos and vinyl-based charity Secret 7” have teamed up to re-animate a vintage jukebox that can stream 7”s throughout your home.   Secret 7” take 7 tracks from 7 artists, and presses… Read more

vinyl record

Streaming turn the tables for vinyl

According to our friends at the BBC, research has just emerged naming music streaming services as a driving force behind the sale of our favourite must-have lifestyle accessory, the (humble) vinyl record.   Perhaps unsurprisingly, this vinyl snap up is… Read more

streaming Adele

Streaming reigns supreme

Digital downloads have dulled, while streaming has struck a chord with a revenue win. Spotify and YouTube are unsurprisingly the subscription services with the largest listenership, with the split showing streaming at 34.5% of revenue compared to digital downloads at 34%. However, in… Read more

high-definition vinyl

Vinyl goes high definition

It’s a record, it’s a forty-five… it’s super vinyl! With 30% more capacity and volume, and aiming to hit the market within three years, the ‘HD Vinyl’ is a European patent which melds 3D-based topographical mapping with laser inscription technology to… Read more

Herbert music food

Herbert’s tasty(?) new release

Electronic provocateur Matthew Herbert is no stranger to combining food and music: aside from creating some of the most delicious house records ever made, Herbert has previously released an album made entirely of the culinary sounds (2005’s Plat Du Jour),… Read more

Sound Leisure

Vinyl gets versatile

Hailing from Leeds, Sound Leisure, have today launched the first vinyl-playing jukebox in 20 years. Named after ‘Rocket 88’ which is deemed as the first rock n’ roll recording. The good-looking jukebox boasts a 1950s charm that complements its vintage nod. With… Read more


Records revived on X-Ray

Picture cold war Leningrad where everything is controlled and commanded. This is where creativity and ingenuity really thrives; when it has to find the hard way round. It’s in this context that music found a radical reproduction – on X-ray… Read more

Animal Collective album

Painting with Animal Collective

Baltimore electronic experimentalists Animal Collective are no stranger to immersing their audience in visual art and music, having previously collaborated with artist Danny Perez for New York’s Guggenheim Museum 50th anniversary. And now, they’ve chosen you as their next visual… Read more


A new kind of buzz

In what some are describing as “the weirdest drone record of the year”, Spiritualized leader Jason Pierce has recorded an album alongside… bees. Pierce- one of “the last great outsiders“– may have long moved on from the heady days of Spacemen… Read more

Catalogue Albums

Everything old is new again

2015 will go down as the first year in U.S. history that new release albums were outsold by catalogue albums released more than 18 months ago. Nielsen’s annual music report showed catalogue albums came out on top by a jaw-dropping… Read more

Vinyl Terror and Horror record

Vinyl fans, look away…

Vinyl Terror and Horror are an experimental industrial art-music duo from Denmark who are using some unusual methods in their efforts to create art… By destroying records and turntables to various degrees; breaking, scratching, gluing, smashing and sawing them, then… Read more

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