apple blocks filming at gigs

Apple want people to watch bands at gigs…

… and, this might not be a bad thing. In what might see the end of the ubiquitous glow of the smartphone screen at gigs everywhere (and the return of the cigarette lighter?), Apple has won a patent on an infrared… Read more

retro justin beiber

Justin Bieber goes back to the future

Here at POSmusic, we’ve always been fans of both “the Biebs” and retrotastic technology, so it was exciting moment when we discovered YouTuber TRONICBOX‘s “VHS” versions of the pop-superstar’s smash singles from the album Purpose.    Re-imagining Justin’s “What Do You Mean” into “another modern 80’s classic”, TRONICBOX baths… Read more

YouTube war

The great YouTube war is here

In a balanced take on the online streaming debate, The Gaurdian’s Eamonn Forde latest blog discusses Red Hot Chili Peppers manager Peter Mensch’s recent comments slamming YouTube for (what else?) not paying musicians fairly. Thankfully avoiding the slanderous rhetoric going… Read more


Adele says ‘Hello’ to most-viewed video

After a musical hiatus, Adele’s lead single Hello galloped out of the gates with a massive start. Following typically-ravishing reviews and record breaking music video views, Adele’s latest powerhouse anthem bumped off Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood record of 22.1 million views in a day with an incredible 27.7… Read more

Lemmy Klimister

Lemmy invites all to funeral

He was the man that partied so hard he made Keith Richards “look like a choirboy“. So when it comes time to bid farewell to Lemmy Klimister, leader singer and bassist of Motörhead, it’s only fitting that everyone be invited. While… Read more

Once Upon a Time In Shaolin

Once Upon a Time In Shaolin trailer drops

No doubt a few people were grinning when pharmaceutical executive and notorious villain Martin Shkreli was recently arrested on charges of fraud, especially after being revealed as the buyer of the one-copy-only Once Upon a Time In Shaolin by The Wu… Read more

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