NASA upload the ‘Golden Record’

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Hoping to answer questions such as – do aliens like to ‘rock out’ or ‘get funky’? NASA launched the Voyager I and II into space in 1977. The probes set off into the big nothing armed with the ‘Golden Record’, a series of recordings intended for any alien or future-human ears.

Making up this cosmos-crawling mixtape is a multi-lingual compilation of greetings from Earth as well as audio designed to introduce the listener to the sounds of 20th century humankind (hopefully minus the leafblower). A crying baby, cars and animal noises feature, as well as 90 minutes of musical recordings, including Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 and Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode. Unfortunately, Here Comes The Sun by relatively unknown English pop group The Beatles could not be included, as EMI, who owned the copyright for the recording, refused to allow the songs reproduction.

These days, Voyager 1 is on its way to a star called AC +79 3888, along with a collage of sounds that possess a rather eerie quality to them, which you can hear below:

Learn more about earth’s audio here.

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