Pizza Hut deliver the beats

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Usually when a fast food franchise “borrows” one of their competitors gimmicks, the results are less than inspiring (such as the MC Hammer branded toothpaste one American outlet tried to pass off as a happy meal). However, in the most recent technology-focused battle of the fast-food wars, it looks like Pizza Hut may have bettered (or at least matched) McDonald’s awesome music production place-mat.

Once again appealing to the ravers who clearly make up the majority of all fast food chain’s demographic, Pizza Hut have launched a set of pizza boxes that double as a fully working set of turntables.

Now you can scratch and (wait for it…) slice your favourite beats while enjoying what is probably (let’s be honest) a substandard slice of Italian pizza.

Developed by Novalia– a UK based electronics company whose many interactive design projects include collaborations with retail heavyweights including HMV and Dunkin’ Donuts- use conductive ink to transfer MIDI messages to your DJ software such as Traktor or Serato via your mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection.

The pizza boxes even include a sync button, making sure your transitions never fall behind time (unlike most Pizza delivery drivers we’ve dealt with).

Says Kathryn Austin, Chief People & Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut UK: “Music and food is the ultimate combo – we know our customers love listening to their favourite tunes over a pizza and we’ve now given our collection customers the chance to combine and enjoy the two in the most innovative way”.

Unfortunately, as of now the decks are being released in the UK only, with Pizza Hut only releasing the names of the five stores delivering these boxes via their twitter feed.

Can’t wait to play your own cheesy set? Satisfy your hunger with Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra tour of the box below…

[via itsnicethat]

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