Prince’s online legacy remembered

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Prince’s relationship with streaming technologies is well documented, with the legendary (and much missed) artist’s repertoire still largely absent from all the major platforms, and live performances uploaded from fans usually gone as quickly they’re uploaded. This is, after-all, the man who claimed that the “Internet is over”only six years ago.

What most people don’t realise is that Prince wasn’t against the Internet itself, and as you can see in the recently curated Prince online museum that archives all of Prince’s websites dating back 20 years, like everything else he did, Prince was ahead of his time.

Created by Sam Jennings (webmaster of Prince’s NPG Music Club website), the online museum aims to remind others of everything Prince achieved “as an independent artist with the support of his vibrant and dedicated online community

While executives are still battling artists over the value of digital music, Prince took it upon himself to distribute his own music online as far back as 2001 with the New Power Generation music club, which charged monthly subscription fees for access to radio shows, concert footage, music and videos (sound familiar?).

Reaching back even further, Prince developed a website in the 1990’s which he ambitiously described as “a new collective mindstate of unity, love and truth so great every human will want 2 join”. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the world to catch up on this one.

[via Billboard]


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