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Background music and audio for business. Simply, done better.

We are a leading Australian background music streaming service providing simple, automated, scalable software and curated playlists uniquely tailored to businesses of every size and type.


POSitive results

We believe in the power of the perfect playlist to create happier staff, engaged customers and positive results

What we stand by

Music for business

For 15 years we’ve worked with businesses, brands and retailers big and small, listening and learning in order to create a music steaming platform built for today’s business needs.


Never missing a beat

Our simple technology syncs the latest advancements from around the globe so you never miss a beat.


Simply doing it better

We exist to make background music for business better, simpler and scalable.


The power of perfect mix

Our background music specialists bring the best music content to customers, because we love nothing more than the power of the perfect playlist.


Supporting artists

We directly support the musicians that enable our business to exist through accurately paid music licensing royalties.


Collaborating with the best

We collaborate with local and international musicians, DJs, bands and producers, as well as retail, fitness and music industry experts to ensure we always deliver the perfect playlist.

Music heart@2x

Our story

From its humble origins within a Melbourne home recording studio, POSmusic has evolved into a dynamic force fuelled by a profound love for music, audio production, and the transformative potential of scalable technology. Born out of a genuine passion for creating impactful auditory experiences, our journey began with a focus on on-hold messaging, music API development, and audio recording for the visually impaired.

Rooted in a belief in the profound influence of music on everyday life, POSmusic has grown organically, driven by a grassroots spirit and an unwavering commitment to the artists who shape our industry. This dedication propels us forward, ensuring that we consistently seek positive outcomes in everything we do.

Today, we are a leading Australian music streaming for company. We provide tailor-made background music solutions that boast market-leading simplicity, scalability, automation, and control.

What sets us apart is our commitment to offering a uniquely customised technological experience, harmonising seamlessly with the evolving needs of our clients.

At POSmusic, we continue to elevate the art of music streaming for business, making a lasting impact on the way businesses, brands, customers and staff experience and connect with music.

Our industry partners

POSmusic is a proud partner of OneMusic Australia. OneMusic Australia is a joint initiative between APRA AMCOS and PPCA. The two Australian music bodies give you easy legal access to music, sound recordings and music videos.

APRA AMCOS licences help music creators get paid for their work and provide a straightforward way to legally play and copy our music. Royalties keep the music coming and ensure the industry’s future.

PPCA is non-profit copyright collecting society that provides blanket licences for the use of recorded music in Australia. Revenue generated from licensing is distributed to registered record labels and artists so they can continue to make music for us all to enjoy.

POSmusic is a proud streaming partner and authorised reseller of Sonos.

POSmusic is a proud authorised reseller of Bose speakers, amplifiers and in-store audio hardware.


POSmusic is a proud authorised reseller of TOA speakers, amplifiers and in-store audio hardware.

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