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Common questions

What is POSmusic?

POSmusic is an In-Store, Online and Mobile music platform for leading brands and savvy businesses that are seeking to grow market share and create a better customer experience.

With POSmusic you have legal access to just about every song in the world. You can listen to songs, albums, browse artists and events, you can build your soundtrack to your budget.

Play music on demand or choose from expertly curated and constantly refreshed genre/ mood and theme based playlists.
Create radio based on your favourite song or artist. Use our Music profile builder or engage our brand musicologists to develop a bespoke, personalised signature sound that’s perfect for your brand and business.

POSmusic delivers the right music for your brand and connects you with your customers in a lasting and meaningful way.

We offer white labelled music apps, social media integration and a complete tailored music marketing solution, all designed specifically to grow your brand and improve your bottom line.

What sort of music is available?

POSmusic offers only the highest quality music. From current hits to old favourites and the latest artists breaking right now, we provide hand-picked playlists in many moods, genres and styles, which are constantly updated with new music based on radio playlists and charts, current trends and client, consumer and industry demands.

We take care in making sure only the right music is included- all songs are screened for swearing, processed at a consistent volume, and for example, perfectly suitable for your retail or hospitality environment.

POSmusic also offer a bespoke music curation service for a truly unique brand music experience. Our music experts will work with you to build your signature sound based on your brand message, and tailored to your customer demographic.

Every brand has a voice, we can hear yours and we know how to use it to grow your business.

Can I have different music at different times of days?

At POSmusic, we understand there is more to music in your business than simply shuffling through random music.

POSmusic provides a simple and elegant scheduling system so you can choose what playlists, genres and sound play – and when. What’s more, our scheduling system allows for multi-site management. Do you have one business location or 1000?

With POSmusic you can have a consistent customer experience across all your locations. But, that doesn’t mean the same music at the same time everywhere across your network. You can automatically change things up or down at certain times in certain locations – At single sites or link and sync multiple locations into groups; manage them all quickly and remotely from the one account.

If you want chilled mornings, relaxed lunch time atmospheres, and banging Friday nights or a unique playlist built on your favourite artists or songs – our software provides an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that ensures you are always playing the right music at the right time. Everywhere.

In-store, Online & Mobile

Can I use my iPhone as a media player?

Yes, absolutely. But, it is important that the device or system you use is the right system for your business. Just because you already use iPhones or iPads in your business, it doesn’t mean that they’re the best solution for playing music in your business.

iPhones/ smartphones are not always the best fit.

Don’t know which way to turn? We can help you find the perfect solution for your business, big or small.

POSmusic provide a number of different hardware and software options. From BYO device (e.g. iPhone) to managed hardware plans – a streaming service or download.

With POSmusic’s flexible platform you can use your iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) or Android device, your PC or Apple Laptop, Desktop computer via a dedicated webpage or widget and our own music application or digital PROPlayer. You can also access your POSmusic service through Sonos systems and Chromecast Audio.

Our streaming service requires a broadband internet connection and plays only high quality MP3’s.

Our proprietary hardware solution provides maximum depth (320kbps, if required this can be configured lower to meet your network requirements) and clarity with only the best quality MP3’s played from our custom digital PROPlayer (digital music player). The PROPlayer is secure and reliable and does not depend on an internet connection for playback, so any internet dropouts will not affect playback, the unit will not interfere with any of your other devices and will not compromise your existing computer network.

Our download service only uses an internet connection to download music and schedules when your premises is closed.

All POSmusic services regardless of the device of platform you choose to use include a remote App to control music, schedule playback, volume control and managed/ limit the features/ privileges that your staff are able access.

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